Our Team

Ché Abdullah


Nate Freeman

From One to Some

Loyal husband, father, and an active participant in the local community. Nate’s desire to serve comes from his own history of growing up with a single father, who was stationed at Fort Bragg while raising two boys as he strived to keep his family fed and supported. His example has motivated Nate to keep that spirit alive and growing in Charlotte. 

Learn more at fromonetosome.org.


Keetha B.

Redeeming History Productions

Keetha B. (She/Her) is an actress, director, playwright, writer, and theatre educator. A native of Concord, North Carolina, She is the Founder and Artistic Director of Redeeming History Productions, a production company creating work that celebrates the marginalized global majority. 

She is also a theatre teaching artist and has been working with K-12 students for over 15 years; Keetha strives to create space for all who wish to learn the craft of acting and hopes that every child is inspired to face their fears and dream big. 

Learn more at keethab.com.

Monique Douglas

Grooming Greatness

Monique Douglas is a business consultant, keynote, author and poet. Her goal is to uncover potential from within and then groom those whom she has the privilege of working with to greatness. 

As a result of her commitment to youth and their families, Monique founded the Grooming Greatness Foundation in 2014. The goal of the foundation is to groom them into well-rounded productive members of society as they educate, enrich and expose then to the endless possibilities for their future success through exposure to visual & performing arts. 

She currently serves on the Board of Directors and is the Executive Director of The Brooklyn Collective. 

Learn more at groominggreatness.org.

Frederick Murphy

History Before Us

Frederick Murphy is the founder of History Before Us, LLC, a project centered on capturing, preserving, and advocating for influential history. He was raised in Clarksville, Tennessee and is a graduate of Tennessee State University & Bethune-Cookman University.

Murphy has been involved in a total of 11 documentary projects, with his most recent being the award-winning Sweet Home Alabama: A Chief and his and his Protégé, was released in 2021.

Frederick is also a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor and holds a master’s degree in Transformative Leadership. He serves on the board of the James K. Polk historic site in Pineville, North Carolina, the Slave Dwelling Project in Charleston, South Carolina and the Tennessee African American History Research Group located in Clarksville, TN.

Learn more at historybeforeus.com